ezekiel's frequently asked questions

what's the story with all those middle names?

Ganesh: The elephant-headed god of Hinduism, the King of Sets and the obvious choice to be God of Hackers. Ganesh is responsible for removing obstacles and is easily pleased by good food.

Yalek and Rachmiel: the Hebrew names of Jeremy's maternal and paternal grandfathers, respectively. Both, now dead, are remembered with much love.

Machinery: We first really noticed the beauty of this word in the song "The Belldog" by Eno, Moebius, and Rodelius on the album After the Heat. To Jeremy it evokes the complete complex beauty and perfection of the natural world, without the need for recourse to some hypothetical non-physical plane. As a bonus, the song seems to describe a man realizing his unity with the universe — aka "the machinery."

won't the poor kid get beat up a lot because of that name?

If he doesn't like his name(s), he can change it/them.

is he always that happy?

Yes, except for when he isn't. See above about being easily appeased by good food.